Monday, July 25, 2011

HA! I actually worked on a QUILT! Also, have made Awesomest Diaper Bag Ever.

Lots of pictures, not too many words. I have been BUSY this summer with my kiddos... and my new job at my LOCAL QUILT STORE!!! (And yes, I HAVE brought home a paycheck... once.)
Spinning Wheel- FINALLY quilted!
My first try at quilting with variegated thread. My FMQ needs work, but it's serviceable.
My SIL asked for an owl tote, oh a couple years ago I think. Well, then she got pregnant so I killed two birds with one stone and made an owl diaper bag for her. She LOVES pockets and stuff so it's LOADED.
She packed it up to take to the hospital and was able to put all her stuff AND the baby's stuff in it! Probably needed a forklift to pick it up after that, though.
 I have for a long time been mulling over in my head how to finish off Amanda's Mandala Tree Wall Hanging. (So far it's been duct taped. Don't judge me.) Decided to use random squares that match the embroidery thread and make a binding which I have been hand sewing to the edge. This is actually working pretty well.

 Another thing I have been working on is the other half of my payment to Amanda- a large teacher sized tote bag. I picked the orange, yellow and green vintage fabric for the lining and then based the outside of the bag on those colors. It's yet another version of "that Anthropologie pillow" applique. I want a bag like this for myself now! Good thing I have enough of the vintage fabric (tablecloth) left!

 I have been super busy with life/kids/work and really have not been able to sew much at all this summer. Hopefully that will change- I have MANY UFOs to complete! Also, MANY IOUs. And of course, there is the never ending stream of projects I want to START running through my brain...