Friday, September 9, 2011

It's not a quilt...

... but it does have a rainbow!

Lukey is in DK this year, so I imagine I will only get away with stuff like this for a teeny bit longer. I better make this year count!

Also, somehow, with TWO little boys, I had no ripped knee jeans in our house. So I got these at a rummage sale for a buck, and when I explained what I was doing the girl gave me two more pair that she hadn't put out because of the rips. Can I get a Woot Woot?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

All these babies are good motivation!

It seems like everyone I know is popping out or cooking up a baby right now. This is fine by me- baby quilts are nice and quick to make! This week the quilt is going to my pastor and his wife. They are having their first baby and the whole church is super excited. The shower is today but I actually had the quilt finished YESTERDAY. Something must be going on here- I am never that early! Maybe I am turning over a new leaf? Hmmm... doubt it. I am calling this an aberration.
Their nursery has a jungle theme with green and brown as the main colors. I found some "Jolly Jungle" fabric at work and fussy cut the squares, and then added some animal print for the strips around.
Close-up of some squares
I wanted the boys to give this special baby a gift, too, so I made a fabric memory game. I thought I invented the idea, but it turns out they've been around a while. One of the girls at work said she was making one to go with an I-Spy quilt- how cute will THAT be? I did do something a little unusual, though. I only had 8 pairs of animals and I wanted a dozen sets. So I stole some photos from the parents' Facebook pages and sewed them into squares. I just put some of the plastic seat protector stuff over the photos.

It will be a while before the baby can play with this game but his mama and daddy DO have a silly streak... I would bet a fat quarter they play it at least once. :)

 Lukey and I played a round this morning and I won! But not by much. I thought a clever way to present this would be for the boys to lay out the game (face down) and ask Miss Tobi to play it with them when she gets there. She will be so surprised when she draws the first photo one! And that would just tickle the boys. 

I thought of putting one of myself in there wearing a tiara or crown or something but maybe that would be confusing to the baby since I don't normally wear one to church...

Monday, July 25, 2011

HA! I actually worked on a QUILT! Also, have made Awesomest Diaper Bag Ever.

Lots of pictures, not too many words. I have been BUSY this summer with my kiddos... and my new job at my LOCAL QUILT STORE!!! (And yes, I HAVE brought home a paycheck... once.)
Spinning Wheel- FINALLY quilted!
My first try at quilting with variegated thread. My FMQ needs work, but it's serviceable.
My SIL asked for an owl tote, oh a couple years ago I think. Well, then she got pregnant so I killed two birds with one stone and made an owl diaper bag for her. She LOVES pockets and stuff so it's LOADED.
She packed it up to take to the hospital and was able to put all her stuff AND the baby's stuff in it! Probably needed a forklift to pick it up after that, though.
 I have for a long time been mulling over in my head how to finish off Amanda's Mandala Tree Wall Hanging. (So far it's been duct taped. Don't judge me.) Decided to use random squares that match the embroidery thread and make a binding which I have been hand sewing to the edge. This is actually working pretty well.

 Another thing I have been working on is the other half of my payment to Amanda- a large teacher sized tote bag. I picked the orange, yellow and green vintage fabric for the lining and then based the outside of the bag on those colors. It's yet another version of "that Anthropologie pillow" applique. I want a bag like this for myself now! Good thing I have enough of the vintage fabric (tablecloth) left!

 I have been super busy with life/kids/work and really have not been able to sew much at all this summer. Hopefully that will change- I have MANY UFOs to complete! Also, MANY IOUs. And of course, there is the never ending stream of projects I want to START running through my brain...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If anyone is local... or semi-local? Come to a QUILT SHOW!

I attended the last show put on by the Northwoods Quilters- this is a local guild. I live in a "twin cities" area (that's tongue in cheek- really they are "twin towns") so this guild has quilters from both towns (Marinette, WI and Menominee, MI) as well as from the surrounding small townships and "country folk". There's a lot of talent in this area! In these "twin towns" of about 20,000 people we have two thriving quilt shops. That says something about the quality of work you will see at this show.

I was VERY impressed by the range of work that was displayed here. There truly was something for everyone. I am not a member of the guild- with the boys being young, I just can't add another thing to my plate, but in the future I can see it becoming a large part of my life. If you are within driving distance I highly recommend making the trip. 

And I WILL have one quilt entered. They accepted some entries from non-members so if you go you can see my pride and joy, Cherry Surprise, hanging. I'm gonna wash it- we've been sleeping under it during this cold winter, and get her all ready to go soon. THEN I get to work at the LQS right by my house while the show is going on. So if you DO come to town for the show, you have to come to Quilter's Haven and say hi to me! :)
(I'll be the one with the goofy smile petting the fabric.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conversation with a 5 yr. old

Luke (as we drive past a soccer field): "Hey, they are praxticing."
Me (vacantly): "Mmhmm"
Luke: "I'm not good at that."
Me (still vacantly): "Well, you just keep kicking it and kicking it and you get better."
Luke: "No, I mean saying it. Practicing. HEY! I said it! Practicing, practicing, practicing."
Me (not as vacantly): "You're practicing saying 'practicing'!"
Luke: "Haha!"
Luke: "Practicing, practicing, practicing, praxticing... AH, MAN."
Me (vacant again): "Just keep practicing."

By the time we got home I didn't think I could say it anymore... I guess that's where all the vacancy comes from. If you pay attention all the time you'll go nuts.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Seriously? Seven Entries? Well, you guys had good odds...

I know that a lot more than 7 of you looked at the giveaway... does no one want free things? Does no one like my stuff?? Were people just really busy last week? I guess next time I'll have to give away some fabric.

So... I used a random number generator where I put in 2-8 (one person had added to her comment) and it spit out number 7, which is Naomi! Naomi is my Husband's Cousin's Wife, so is a kind of shirt-tail relative by marriage kind of person. We have a similar sense of humor and share a love of crafting, writing, thrifting and decorating. She is working on her THIRD quilt ever and it's absolutely freaking adorable.

Naomi's oldest daughter loves the movie Wall-E. Like, LOVES it. So Naomi found a tiny scrap of Wall-E fabric and built this entire work of art around it. There are bits of everything in here: vintage sheets, textured fabrics, new fabrics, old, everything. I JUST LOVE IT. 

The center is an applique she designed and made herself. Each piece in this is appliqued or sewn- nothing painted on here.
Not too shabby for a first try at applique, no?

The back is mostly a vintage sheet with some cute appliqued and thread painted squares on it.

This square has two hands on it- the green one is Sydney's version of tracing her hand, and the orange one is Mommy's version of Sydney's hand being traced. How absolutely awesome is this idea? And what stellar execution! Naomi is basically self-taught, too. She thinks of something and just dives right in to it. 
This gal is crazy good. I am so proud to call her my Husband's Cousin's Wife! Naomi, I will contact you for your snail mail addy. Or maybe someday I will just surprise you and show up on your doorstep... well, ok, I wouldn't do that to you. Unless I called on the way or something... :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100 posts!!!!! HAPPY giveaway DAY!

Yep, this is it! The big 100th post... and we all know what that means! GIVEAWAY!! 
I will be sending a set of personalized magnets to the winner, as well as a vintage sheet pennant banner in spring colors! And maybe some other fun stuff... you never know what might fall in the box.
To get your entry in, just tell me what kind of magnets you would choose if you won. Like, flowers or butterflies, quilts or roosters, mandalas or cherries, photographs, whatever you think would be cool.
(ETA- I WILL ship internationally! This is for anyone.)
These were a good seller for me, as well as the crayons. I packaged them individually and in sets and the individual ones sold much better. And the crayon totes went like hotcakes- I had them at $10.
Here are some pics of my booth:

Next time we will know a little better what we have for space and stuff. I think we did well with this for a first try. The pennants really drew the eye. I took in $250, which of course is not all profit, but I thought it was respectable for a first try. IT WAS A BLAST! I had a grin on my face all day. I had a wonderful helper. Jenn lives a few minutes from me and I found her blog and we have now become pretty good friends. (The Internet ROCKS.) So she decided to put a few things in (prints of cute/funny sayings) and kind of see what the fuss was about. I would NOT want to run a booth alone, I can tell you that! So, thanks, Jenn!

I will leave this post up til Sunday. Today is Wed, so you have a little time to get your entries in. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you are set to no-reply. You can send people over and if they put in their comment that you sent them and they win, I will give you a set of personalized magnets just for sending them here!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

Where have you been?

I have had no new comments to read, no funny emails from my friends... oh..... wait.....
I haven't made a new blog post in WEEKS. Doh! 
 I do have a reason for this.
I have been working like a 7 yr. old child in a sweatshop in some undeveloped country.
I can see why this craft show stuff is not for the faint of heart.

This is what I have been doing while I wasn't playing on the internet:
Got this mounted and now need to hand stitch a patchwork strip around it.
This was for my sister to give as a gift. 
Sent this to Brady's class where it was received quite well if I do say so myself.
 Apparently there was a bit of trouble because some kids were "jumping a lot" (B's words) when they were supposed to be standing in line under it. Can you blame them? I want to touch it, too, and I made it!

This is a decoupaged picture frame which will probably be made into a chalkboard/magnet board.
 (If I can part with it. I kinda LOVE it.)

This is another thing I've been working on: decoupaged clothespins.
Made over 400 so far. I will be using them in my booth to hang things as well as selling them in packs.
 I've been trying to come up with funny/clever tags for my stuff. I thought I would boost sales if people stood around in my booth laughing at the packaging. 
(Plus I just like to make people laugh.)

Here are a few of the tags for the clothespins:

I figured they would make really awesome teacher gifts so I tried to have a few reflecting that.

I have a handful of these appliqued embroidery rings made up and want to do some superhero and cartoon character ones from my vintage sheets. I don't know if non-sewers will like them, but they are fairly quick to make and will make my booth look pretty if nothing else.

 And then CRAYONS:

 ...and more crayons.
 I have made many many many crayons... and must make more. These things had better sell. I'm just sayin'.
I want to make a few pennants and just see if they move. I will do some with kid themed fabric, maybe sports, and a few Eastery ones. They are pretty labor intensive so I don't know how many I will make, but enough to get an idea on if they will sell or not.
Also working on some marble magnets- if you've never seen these, google them. They are so cool!
These were just some I made for us. I wanted to practice because we will be doing this as a craft with the Kid's Group at church. Totally fun and rewarding. I will make some up to sell, too. Maybe I can get the kids to make them for me...? (Speaking of sweat shops!)

Eat your veggies! (We got a seed catalog.)

So that is what I've been doing. In between being a mom. I did get about 2 dozen of the regular crayon totes made up, but would like to bring about 60 with me to the show. So I have lots more to make! I have orders for about 10 and so those will have to be made first. 

I am surprised by how much time things like packaging and collecting materials takes.
I am a bit skeered- hoping I at least get some of my money back for this stuff.... what if no one likes it and doesn't buy ANYTHING??? EEK! Well, I guess then I wouldn't have to buy Christmas presents for a couple years....