Friday, February 25, 2011

Where have you been?

I have had no new comments to read, no funny emails from my friends... oh..... wait.....
I haven't made a new blog post in WEEKS. Doh! 
 I do have a reason for this.
I have been working like a 7 yr. old child in a sweatshop in some undeveloped country.
I can see why this craft show stuff is not for the faint of heart.

This is what I have been doing while I wasn't playing on the internet:
Got this mounted and now need to hand stitch a patchwork strip around it.
This was for my sister to give as a gift. 
Sent this to Brady's class where it was received quite well if I do say so myself.
 Apparently there was a bit of trouble because some kids were "jumping a lot" (B's words) when they were supposed to be standing in line under it. Can you blame them? I want to touch it, too, and I made it!

This is a decoupaged picture frame which will probably be made into a chalkboard/magnet board.
 (If I can part with it. I kinda LOVE it.)

This is another thing I've been working on: decoupaged clothespins.
Made over 400 so far. I will be using them in my booth to hang things as well as selling them in packs.
 I've been trying to come up with funny/clever tags for my stuff. I thought I would boost sales if people stood around in my booth laughing at the packaging. 
(Plus I just like to make people laugh.)

Here are a few of the tags for the clothespins:

I figured they would make really awesome teacher gifts so I tried to have a few reflecting that.

I have a handful of these appliqued embroidery rings made up and want to do some superhero and cartoon character ones from my vintage sheets. I don't know if non-sewers will like them, but they are fairly quick to make and will make my booth look pretty if nothing else.

 And then CRAYONS:

 ...and more crayons.
 I have made many many many crayons... and must make more. These things had better sell. I'm just sayin'.
I want to make a few pennants and just see if they move. I will do some with kid themed fabric, maybe sports, and a few Eastery ones. They are pretty labor intensive so I don't know how many I will make, but enough to get an idea on if they will sell or not.
Also working on some marble magnets- if you've never seen these, google them. They are so cool!
These were just some I made for us. I wanted to practice because we will be doing this as a craft with the Kid's Group at church. Totally fun and rewarding. I will make some up to sell, too. Maybe I can get the kids to make them for me...? (Speaking of sweat shops!)

Eat your veggies! (We got a seed catalog.)

So that is what I've been doing. In between being a mom. I did get about 2 dozen of the regular crayon totes made up, but would like to bring about 60 with me to the show. So I have lots more to make! I have orders for about 10 and so those will have to be made first. 

I am surprised by how much time things like packaging and collecting materials takes.
I am a bit skeered- hoping I at least get some of my money back for this stuff.... what if no one likes it and doesn't buy ANYTHING??? EEK! Well, I guess then I wouldn't have to buy Christmas presents for a couple years....


  1. It all looks wonderful. I even stole a couple of ideas for gifts since I cant come to your markret and actually buy yours.

    Still loving the crayons.The bunting is divine (I really must make some!) Love the clothespins and your packaging is awesome.

    Thank you for explaining your absence. I just assumed you were busy - but had no idea you were slave labouring yourself to that degree....

  2. The clothespins are terrific, good idea.

    I find that photographing and editing and packaging takes up way more time than I expect with the Etsy shop.

  3. Now I want to make some of those clothespins to hang quilts up on the line for pictures - so much cuter than my nasty weathered ones!! You've got a lot of great loot and I bet it will sell very well!!! Good luck!!

  4. So Lisa, Are you sleeping this winter??!! You have gotten so much accomplished! Keep up the good work! I'll see you at the craft show in April since Glenda is nice enough to let me put a few of my small items on her table. So I will help out at the booth when I'm done with work. lol

  5. Wow! You have been really busy! Good luck!

  6. Well I must say- I had the opportunity to meet you today!!! What a pleasure! Your booth was AH MAZIN' girl! I did however miss the little flags hangy thingys! Love love loved the mega big marble magnets and the clothes pins!!! Not to mention the name of your biz!!! Git down Kitty!! I picture a kitty dancin'!!

    :) Stephanie (quilted handbags ;)


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