Saturday, August 6, 2011

All these babies are good motivation!

It seems like everyone I know is popping out or cooking up a baby right now. This is fine by me- baby quilts are nice and quick to make! This week the quilt is going to my pastor and his wife. They are having their first baby and the whole church is super excited. The shower is today but I actually had the quilt finished YESTERDAY. Something must be going on here- I am never that early! Maybe I am turning over a new leaf? Hmmm... doubt it. I am calling this an aberration.
Their nursery has a jungle theme with green and brown as the main colors. I found some "Jolly Jungle" fabric at work and fussy cut the squares, and then added some animal print for the strips around.
Close-up of some squares
I wanted the boys to give this special baby a gift, too, so I made a fabric memory game. I thought I invented the idea, but it turns out they've been around a while. One of the girls at work said she was making one to go with an I-Spy quilt- how cute will THAT be? I did do something a little unusual, though. I only had 8 pairs of animals and I wanted a dozen sets. So I stole some photos from the parents' Facebook pages and sewed them into squares. I just put some of the plastic seat protector stuff over the photos.

It will be a while before the baby can play with this game but his mama and daddy DO have a silly streak... I would bet a fat quarter they play it at least once. :)

 Lukey and I played a round this morning and I won! But not by much. I thought a clever way to present this would be for the boys to lay out the game (face down) and ask Miss Tobi to play it with them when she gets there. She will be so surprised when she draws the first photo one! And that would just tickle the boys. 

I thought of putting one of myself in there wearing a tiara or crown or something but maybe that would be confusing to the baby since I don't normally wear one to church...


  1. Oh yes....great inspiration....BABIES!!! I really like the colors of the quilt!!!


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