Monday, April 11, 2011

Seriously? Seven Entries? Well, you guys had good odds...

I know that a lot more than 7 of you looked at the giveaway... does no one want free things? Does no one like my stuff?? Were people just really busy last week? I guess next time I'll have to give away some fabric.

So... I used a random number generator where I put in 2-8 (one person had added to her comment) and it spit out number 7, which is Naomi! Naomi is my Husband's Cousin's Wife, so is a kind of shirt-tail relative by marriage kind of person. We have a similar sense of humor and share a love of crafting, writing, thrifting and decorating. She is working on her THIRD quilt ever and it's absolutely freaking adorable.

Naomi's oldest daughter loves the movie Wall-E. Like, LOVES it. So Naomi found a tiny scrap of Wall-E fabric and built this entire work of art around it. There are bits of everything in here: vintage sheets, textured fabrics, new fabrics, old, everything. I JUST LOVE IT. 

The center is an applique she designed and made herself. Each piece in this is appliqued or sewn- nothing painted on here.
Not too shabby for a first try at applique, no?

The back is mostly a vintage sheet with some cute appliqued and thread painted squares on it.

This square has two hands on it- the green one is Sydney's version of tracing her hand, and the orange one is Mommy's version of Sydney's hand being traced. How absolutely awesome is this idea? And what stellar execution! Naomi is basically self-taught, too. She thinks of something and just dives right in to it. 
This gal is crazy good. I am so proud to call her my Husband's Cousin's Wife! Naomi, I will contact you for your snail mail addy. Or maybe someday I will just surprise you and show up on your doorstep... well, ok, I wouldn't do that to you. Unless I called on the way or something... :)


  1. skippy, yippy!!!! I won!
    thanks for the cool display of Sydney's quilt...well, quilt to be. I pinned it all up last night, but I want to do a few test runs on some small quilt sandwiches first with my walking foot. no way am I taking my "first steps" with the walking foot on the real deal.


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