Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teacher gifts!

I usually give the boys' teachers a giant tote bag for Christmas, but this year I was so overwhelmed and busy, they got NOTHING. Not even a PROMISE. So, anyway, I have been working hard on getting some of this IOU stuff out the door this week.

 This tote is for Lukey's DK teacher's aide.
 This GIANT bag is for Lukey's DK teacher.

 The classroom mother wanted to give the DK teacher a memory quilt, so we had the kids each draw a cow with the new Sharpie for fabric markers- they work ok, tend to bleed a little, but the color is very vibrant. The teacher's favorite animal is a cow and she lives on a farm, which is why we did a cow. The kids are really excited to give it to her on Monday during the family fun day.
 This bag is my favorite- this one is for Brady's teacher and I cut out the fabric for another one as I made this one. I WANT IT! There are over 300" of gathering in the flower. I sweated bullets on that one- wish I had a ruffler attachment for my Bernie. But it was worth it and I am totally going to make myself one when I get some time- HA! Time? What's that?

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