Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally! Some pictures!

I figured out a way to get the pictures out of the camcorder! It's one of those mini-disc ones and I had to "finalize" the disc and then could put the disc into my computer and that is where the pictures were. That should teach me to throw away my manuals, right? It took me long enough to figure out how to SNAP a picture, and they aren't the best quality, but at least this will tide me over until I can get a nice camera.

Here are some pictures of my "new" sewing room. Eventually I will paint the walls, probably white, maybe a little PINK or some light aqua, but I think white would be better so that my fabric colors will show true. Right now the walls are a yellowy paneling, so I am picking up that tone in the light. This room layout is a test, but so far, it's working really well. When I am sure I like how it "works" I will start painting. Also, I will do a little bit of decorating, but no sense doing it at this point.

Here is the sewing table. I can look out the window as I sew, or open it if the weather would get nice enough! I think a window box is somewhere in the future of this window (with geraniums!?). I am having too much fun with the design wall thing and most of the walls are covered with vinyl tablecloths turned backwards.
Here is the ironing station and fabric closet. The shelf unit between the design wall and the closet holds future projects that I have pulled fabric for or am collecting fabric for. Now, if I only had the time to make them all! On the short wall of the closet is a "tiny" design wall for Lukey. He had so much fun putting scraps on my wall that I made him his own and cut some squares and triangles out for him. He sticks them on and makes them "talk" to each other, which is highly entertaining for me.
The cabinet that is the ironing station was made by one of my uncles in his high school shop class and my grandma gave it to me years ago when I bought my first house. It has a butcher block top on it and I used it as an island in my first kitchen. Grandma has passed on now, but she would be proud to see her cabinet being used in a craft room as she was a very "crafty" lady. (The cabinet is full of vintage sheets and cutter tablecloths.)
This is the wall above my cutting table. There is also a tall box of rolls of wrapping paper standing on the floor. All of the gift wrap supplies are here- paper, tape, ribbon, bows, bags- everything all in one place! The ribbon spools are threaded onto a dowel rod.
Oh! And the music! lives here. :o)

This is the cutting table. We recycled when we made this- the wood pc. is the bottom of Lukey's poor broke-down old crib. I used a small shelf unit on one side and shelf brackets on the wall side. We put a pc. of mdf under there, too, to make it sturdier, but the crib bottom was the perfect size and also nice and smooth.

Here is a shot of that whole corner. The design wall is just a tablecloth (well, 2 of them) turned backwards. I had not even heard of a design wall until I started reading blogs, and wow, what a concept! This could just change everything! It's so much easier than laying quilts out on the floor. And the kitties can't mess these blocks up!

You can kind of see on the floor where I have little plastic cubes. These hold my scraps and they are all separated by color. (The cubes were 99 cents at Walmart!) I will eventually put them on a shelf on the wall but for now they live on the floor.

This is the kids' art table. As of now, those boxes have all of their art supplies all organized, but I expect that is a temporary state and things will be all mixed up in another day or two. They love this! I give them little "projects" to work on while I sew. Mostly they just like to cut things up. And glue them. Cutting and gluing are a lot more fun than coloring apparently.

I did my first sewing in the new room this week and have a completed quilt top to show for it! I took some pictures of that and will post soon. I cannot believe what a difference it makes to have a room dedicated to sewing, and also, separate cutting, ironing and sewing areas. It is sooo much faster and easier to get things done. I don't think I will ever be without a sewing room again, no matter if we ALL four have to share a bedroom. Heehee! (My family may think differently about that.) :o)

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  1. Very resourceful you, with your vinyl tablecloths and camcorder. :) I'm really jealous of your sewing room. I'm still dreaming of the day I have one all to my self.


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