Thursday, July 9, 2009

The new additions to our family

I have been a bad blogger! I forgot to announce the birth of my beautiful new niece! Future Niece has finally graced us with her presence. She was definitely worth the wait. She had a bit of a rough start, but is doing very well now.

I have proof of her cuteness:

My mom and I were playing dress up with her already and we think she liked it. She is a sweetie and is already satisfactorily spoiled. (Just as a firstborn should be.)

My boys think their new cousin is "so cute" but were wondering if she would turn into a boy when she got bigger.

Mmm, probably not.

I have been promising my boys sock monkeys, so we finally did it! I have been trying to have something done so I can link up to Lit and Laundry's Finish for Friday, so we (I) labored away today (Thursday) and came up with these fellows:

The boys each picked out a pair of socks and this was what they wanted. Not the tie dye ones or cool striped ones. They wanted brown and black. (Are these really my kids?) So they got brown and black. Then they each picked out some button eyes, but Brady said he really really really wanted googly eyes on his, so we super glued some googly eyes right onto his button eyes.

Brady's monkey is named "Blackie". (Brady is a fairly literal child.)

And Lukey's unfortunately named monkey is "Poopy-head".

We will probably be renaming the monkeys tomorrow, especially since Lukey isn't supposed to say that word. The monkeys are snuggled in with their happy owners and hopefully not keeping them awake.

These monkeys were an absolute blast to make- talk about instant gratification! I used this tutorial, which was entertaining as well as informative. I do have 5 nieces, so maybe I will get to make some polka-dotted, stripey cute ones yet...

Now run over to Lit and Laundry and see what everyone else finished up this week!

Lit and Laundry


  1. What a beautiful baby girl - congratulations Auntie! And what did they call this precious angel?

    Those are very cute sock monkeys! I had one as a child that I was very fond of - don't know what happened to it. Will check out your link to the tutorial...

    Hugs - Shari

    PS Your boys are so adorable!

  2. Congratulations on the cute niece!

    And I really like the sock monkeys too. Your boys are so cute with them!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to the family! What a cutie.

    I love those sock monkeys - they're almost as big as the boys!

  4. Adorable sock monkeys! and I love their names! (Bet Lukey picked his just so he could get say it! :)

    Your new niece is so cute!

  5. Oh I think sock monkeys are just the cutest things. I made a blue one for my nephew for Chistmas one year. Love the ones you made for the boys.

  6. I love the sock monkeys! I have to check out the tutorial. And congrats on the new addiction. You should make her a sock monkey now. :)

  7. Cute baby!

    I love those sock monkeys. Such fun!

  8. What a cute little new sweetie!

    Your little sock monkeys you made are just as cute as your 'real' little monkeys there!

  9. Those sock monkeys are CUTE. I've been saving this post so I would remember to go look at the tutorial, thanks for the link.


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