Thursday, June 24, 2010

Huge massive finish. MASSIVE!

My Cherry Surprise Quilt is done!!! Down to the last stitch in the binding. I am so relieved. I started this over 6 years ago and thought it was just the Neverending Quilt. But it has ended, and now I get to enjoy it. I am afraid to use it, though! I put too much into it. So I will just look at it for a while, and maybe in a few months will work up the nerve to sleep under it.

The back. I used a Kleenex box to show scale. It was the closest thing handy.

I was going to hand quilt it and had it basted together and then couldn't bring myself to start. So I picked apart the basting stitches (which kinda stung) and sent it to a local long arm quilter. She did an amazing job and I hope my pictures captured some of her beautiful work. She did something different in each row of the log cabin going around.

Then she did some feathers and vines in the borders and made them look so pretty!

These are my corners- they are much improved! I have been working on that this year. I am proud of these. Lots of practice there.

I am just so relieved this is done! "Ahhhhhh!" *big sigh of contentment*

I linked up over at Lit and Laundry for this post. She holds a "Finish for Friday" every week and I have been able to hit them quite a bit this year. If you would like to link a big finish, head on over. Or you can just see what others have been finishing up this week.


  1. Beautiful quilt! Well worth the time and effort-congratulations on a terrific finish!

    The quilting is lovely and adds to but doesn't overshadow your wonderful cherries!

  2. Congratulations on such a great quilt! The satisfaction of having it done must be just so nice... I find it a lovely quilt with a fantastic old-fashioned feel to it. It's speaks of generations of quilters who came before and who will come after.
    Hugs - Shari

  3. What a cute quilt!!! congratulations on finishing it!! I need to sew some today too and finish a quilt top!!

  4. AWESOME! A finish that big deserves a BIG well done! 6 years? That must feel so fantastic. And it's just beautiful. Good job getting it finished!

  5. WOW girl...this is HUGE....yes really BIG! Clapping...clapping!! This is THE cutest quilt!!!
    Excellent quilting too!!!

  6. Wow!! What a biggie! who did the quilting? Sometimes it's better to let someone else do the quilting on such a large quilt.


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