Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another quilt for Future Niece!

My already-here-niece, Katie, designed this quilt! It is for Future Niece, who is Katie's Future Cousin. She picked out the flannel fabric from my mom's stash, then my mom cut out the squares and laid them out in an around the world pattern for her. Katie took one look and decided that it was not to her liking. She pushed the squares into a pile (while chanting "Bulldozer! Bulldozer!") and then rearranged them into this pattern. (She likes squares in squares like her auntie.)

Then, she sat on my mom's lap while my mom worked the foot pedal and they sewed the blocks together. My mom will quilt it for her, but she did most of the work, and all of the designing. I am a proud auntie, that's for sure!

(Katie is only 6. Impressive, no?)

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  1. Very impressive! It's interesting to see young creative minds. And I might use that "bulldozer!" chant on my next design. Very liberating.


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