Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can't I have anything NICE without you guys breaking it? Part 2

Does anyone else's cat CLIMB their design wall? Mooch has been literally climbing the walls lately. He tears into the room, gets a flying start and can reach the ceiling on a good leap. My nice taut tablecloths are now hanging and droopy looking. Tiger-E is polite with her claws, but not Mooch. I think he needs to take a trip to the vet. (I always feel bad getting them declawed, but I think he will ruin too much of our stuff- like our box springs!!- if I don't.)
Speaking of trips to the vet, Mooch also has a new, er, friend. He appropriated one of the kid's stuffed bears. He LOVES this bear a lot if you get what I mean. (The kids think he is "fighting" with the bear so we leave it at that.) No one else touches the bear and when I have to move it I pick it up with the dustpan. It looks really ragged and the stuffing is falling out. I have heard of dogs doing this, but never a cat... leave it to Mooch.

Today Brady "fixed" this plate.

I'll just go throw that in the dishwasher now.

This little pile can make a BIG impact,

if you spread it out!

This is for Future Niece. This is what I ended up with for a color wheel idea. Now I want one for myself! Lukey added that tiny purple circle in the middle. He said the green circle was the "mommy circle" and then added the purple one and stated, "This one Lukey." So of course, it's staying! :0)

I tried it on white, too, but it just doesn't have the impact. I am working on hand quilting the purple and green heart quilt and want to try a scalloped border on it. We'll see how that goes.

(I think you are supposed to use a plate to trace your curves for a scalloped border... but my plate is broken! Whatever shall I do?!)


  1. Love your take on the color wheel! Very unique.

  2. LOL at the plate. Your color wheel is fantastic! What a creative idea.

  3. Por plate! This quilt is so cool...I've never seen anything like it!


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