Thursday, June 11, 2009

I do other things besides quilt. I also paint.

Here is a sampling of my work.

Each item is completely original, and made either by me alone or with the help of my two assistants. Or maybe the assistants made it and I helped... I am never completely sure who is in charge.

We like to use found objects in our art. And color. We are quite fond of color.

(Our neighbors would attest to that fact.)

By far the most utilized component is the "googly eye" which Lucas demonstrates here:

Unfortunately yesterday's work session quickly degenerated into an ant attack. That is, my assistants attacked the ants. With paint. So someday some confused geologist is going to find some poor ants fossilized in bright pink craft paint.

We will be displaying these pieces in our garden all summer, so feel free to stop by for a private showing. (Prices are negotiable.)


  1. Awesome.

    The Googly Eye is a much used technique in our "projects" as well.

  2. how fun! and i like your comment on not being sure who is in charge. that's often how i feel!

  3. Looks like you and your assistants had a fantastic time! I just love the color and just put up a post about the subject.

  4. That looks like so much fun. I love the carrot looking character, is he locked in a tomato cage!? That's so wicked!

    My boys love ants too. We haven't used paint yet, however I wouldn't be surprised if that was on their agenda LOL

    Boys are fun!

  5. have certainly been busy while I've been loafing!!

    I had 3 brothers...........!!!!!!

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