Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another quilt for Future Niece!

My already-here-niece, Katie, designed this quilt! It is for Future Niece, who is Katie's Future Cousin. She picked out the flannel fabric from my mom's stash, then my mom cut out the squares and laid them out in an around the world pattern for her. Katie took one look and decided that it was not to her liking. She pushed the squares into a pile (while chanting "Bulldozer! Bulldozer!") and then rearranged them into this pattern. (She likes squares in squares like her auntie.)

Then, she sat on my mom's lap while my mom worked the foot pedal and they sewed the blocks together. My mom will quilt it for her, but she did most of the work, and all of the designing. I am a proud auntie, that's for sure!

(Katie is only 6. Impressive, no?)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can't I have anything NICE without you guys breaking it? Part 2

Does anyone else's cat CLIMB their design wall? Mooch has been literally climbing the walls lately. He tears into the room, gets a flying start and can reach the ceiling on a good leap. My nice taut tablecloths are now hanging and droopy looking. Tiger-E is polite with her claws, but not Mooch. I think he needs to take a trip to the vet. (I always feel bad getting them declawed, but I think he will ruin too much of our stuff- like our box springs!!- if I don't.)
Speaking of trips to the vet, Mooch also has a new, er, friend. He appropriated one of the kid's stuffed bears. He LOVES this bear a lot if you get what I mean. (The kids think he is "fighting" with the bear so we leave it at that.) No one else touches the bear and when I have to move it I pick it up with the dustpan. It looks really ragged and the stuffing is falling out. I have heard of dogs doing this, but never a cat... leave it to Mooch.

Today Brady "fixed" this plate.

I'll just go throw that in the dishwasher now.

This little pile can make a BIG impact,

if you spread it out!

This is for Future Niece. This is what I ended up with for a color wheel idea. Now I want one for myself! Lukey added that tiny purple circle in the middle. He said the green circle was the "mommy circle" and then added the purple one and stated, "This one Lukey." So of course, it's staying! :0)

I tried it on white, too, but it just doesn't have the impact. I am working on hand quilting the purple and green heart quilt and want to try a scalloped border on it. We'll see how that goes.

(I think you are supposed to use a plate to trace your curves for a scalloped border... but my plate is broken! Whatever shall I do?!)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We had a sewing bee at my house!

Today my mom came to (visit and) sew. She had this quilt started and today she finished cutting the squares and got it this far- over half-way put together. (It will be queen sized when it is finished.) These are not her preferred colors...
...but they are pretty.

This next quilt is for my Future Niece. It is absolutely adorable (just as she will be). Mom is making all the nursery stuff and she brought the quilt top down so I could add my touch- which was the embroidering on the bumblebees.

(We always have one "naughty" winking face. What a rebel bee!)

This next (the color wheel) is going to be used in a baby quilt for Future Niece. In some incarnation that is- I may be cutting it up or trimming it. I like this quilt, so wanted to do something like it and came up with this. My Sis-in-law is an artist so she will enjoy the color wheel, and hopefully Future Niece will like those pretty colors, too. The original is amazing (and I would not mind one of those for myself). This was really fun to play with. I sewed it backwards- this was definitely a learning experience- but the baby won't mind. Lukey keeps pointing at it and asking if he can have it, so I see something along these lines in our future.

My brother loves purple and green together so Future Niece also needs a purple and green quilt. I am a huge fan of Kellie's work and made my version of one of her quilts. When (not if!) she puts out a book, I am first in line!
I am currently sewing down all these petals and circles- a bit tedious, but still much faster than hand applique. I remembered basically what Kellie did- made a lot of cute girly shapes all close together in a heart shape, so I wouldn't let myself look back at hers until mine was done- at least cut out and ironed on. It turned out pretty cute, so I am sure Future Niece will like it.

I am considering cutting out the heart and doing a ragged edge applique to put it onto a white background. I don't think I like it just as it is. I will mull it over while I sew the rest of the petals down.
And now for an update on the recent post- no, the wedding gift quilt did not get finished in time for the wedding. I started quilting it and had to rip it all back out. So now I am hand-quilting it and they will get it late. (Hopefully it will be done in time for next winter...)
I did finish a quilt recently, though! I made a rag quilt for my aunt out of mostly Daydreams (blue and green colorways) along with some other coordinating prints. Unfortunately, I did not have both my camera and the quilt together at any point so I don't have a picture of it.
I had the best time sewing with Mom today, and the kids were good, and the sun was shining... it just doesn't get any better! ;0)