Friday, February 26, 2010

Finished for Friday

I have another Finish for Friday. You can join all of us "FFF-ers" at Lit and Laundry.

This quilt is a (late) wedding gift that I started about a year ago. So I guess it will be an anniversary gift now. (Lest I appear completely lazy and stingy, I would like to point out that we did give them a gift at the time, along with the promise of a quilt.)
I only used one black and white print for all the squares. The couple decorates with a lot of black and white architectural photos (that they have taken themselves) so I wanted to reflect those. I think this works. I ended up really liking the black and white, which is surprising since I usually like color and scrappiness so much.

I quilted it about a half an inch on either side of the ditch.

The back is solid white because I found that anything with a print showed through on the front of the quilt. I also just think it looks really nice with the simple front.

This quilt measure 70" x 80", so it's a very generous throw size. Plenty of room for two to cuddle under. (If they still like to cuddle. It has been a year, after all.)


  1. LIKE IT.....great for a cute newlywed little couple...kind of soft looking....soothing

  2. I really it! I was considering making a quilt for a wedding we have to go to in July, and I just didn't want to have that deadline!

  3. Its lovely! What a thoughtful gift.

  4. Your quilt is lovely. Thank you for sharing. All of your quilted items are very nice. Enjoy your blog.

  5. I really like this - it has an elegant simplicity and that print just totally works - the newlyweds will totally love it! (They are newlyweds for the first year but I'm sure that can be stretched out a little...)


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