Friday, January 29, 2010

This post is brought to you by the number 2.

I missed Finished For Friday last week, which is hosted by Lit and Laundry every week. I was trying for a quilty finish every week this month, but missed it. I did have a finish last Friday- I finished being 33! My birthday was Saturday, and not one, but TWO of my aunt-in-laws offered to babysit for us, so we got to go out on both Friday and Saturday nights. (TWICE in a row!!) Happy Birthday to me!!

I did (finally) get the TWO baby quilts bound this week so they are ready to go to their new owners on Monday.

For my birthday Paul went with me to TWO new-to-me quilt stores in Green Bay, and I chose a yard of fabric at each. (See how good I was? Only TWO new yards of fabric!)
Jane Sassaman designed this one for me:
Amy Butler kindly thought this one up just for my birthday:
THEN we went to Joann's and I got a new cutting mat! Yay! Paul was quite a good boy during our outing, although he did try to borrow my scarf to hang himself at one point.
The boys spent Saturday night sleeping over at their great-aunt and uncle's house, so during my peaceful quiet morning with NO CHILDREN I made myself a present- a new bag like the one I made for my cousin.
I used a bright green (thrifted) linen tablecloth to make this bag:

The lining is polka dots of course, and I put pen pockets in again. Loving those.

I cannot believe how much more I can get done with no little, mmm, helpers we'll call them.

I addition to binding the baby quilts, in the past two weeeks, I finished TWO quilt tops. Well, finished the centers anyway. This is my Cherry Checkerboard quilt I am making to use up the cherry applique squares left over from Cherry Surprise. I finished making all the blocks and stitched them together, but I still need to put the borders on. It turned out very narrow, which I don't like, but in order to get the Irish chain to look right, this was the layout I had to use. (It's about 60" x 84" at this point with no borders added.) I think as I add each border I will make the side ones an inch wider than the top and bottom ones to kind of fix this issue.

This next one has been sitting in my WIP box for FAR too long. I finally stitched the petals down on all the flowers. (It took me a while to collect the right thread colors.) I am not quite sure what I will do for borders on this one. It will be a play mat/blankie for my newest niece, Baby Autumn, who is just the cutest thing in the world. She loves to stare at my Mom's ceiling fan, so I think she will like this.

A closeup of the satin stitch holding the petals down.

My SIL should be able to wash this a hundred million times with no problems. These babies are ON there.

So that's what I've been up to. If you have a finish to share, head over to Lit and Laundry and join in! Be sure to compliment her beautiful hexagon quilt. It's gorgeous!


  1. Oh my, don't know where to start. I just love the quilts but I think the purse is my favorite, or maybe the cherry quilt. or...oh heck I love them all.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I will be coming back to visit.

  2. Well haven't you been busy?!! Love the green linen bag! And TWO nights without kids in a row?! Sounds like a magical dream to me lol!! I WISH I had family nearby to give me treats like that:)

  3. Wonderful pieces!!

    Did you know that on the quilting blog your link takes us to Dec??

    I got here anyway. =0)
    Hit home at end of post took me to current page.

    thanks for coming by
    do you have a pic of your mantle with the flowers in candlesticks??


    barbara jean

  4. I love everything! Do you have to put a border on that black quilt? It's so striking the way it is. I really love your tote bag, what a great way to recycle a tablecloth.

    And I can't believe you only bought a yard at each fabric shop. You are a stronger woman than I am! Thanks so much for joining in on Finished for Friday!

  5. First of all.....Happy Post-Birthday to you.....can you hear me singing!!!!!
    Wow, I really love the 2 baby quilts...I'm not very good with baby colors but I love the ones you've done...especially the first one.
    The fabrics you purchased are wonderful...I really like the first one.....
    You got a lot done while the kiddies were away....good for you!!!
    Take care.

  6. Wow,Lisa,You've been super productive. I guess it's a good time of year with the cold to work on stuff. lol :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! How nice that you got two nights to celebrate!
    Love each and ever one of your quilts.

  8. AMAZING stuff! I've been trying to teach myself to sew without much luck because I'm trying to make a "quilt" (ok...a patchwork BLANKET) for the back of our couch. So far, no good...LOL!


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