Saturday, December 20, 2008

Enter Mooch, or Look what I Got!

I didn't get any sewing done today, but I did get these awesome thrifted fabrics last night. Some are sheets, some are actual fabric and one is a tablecloth. LOOK! at the polka dots! (I heart polka dots!)

This sweet little set was just begging me to take it home and put it in a quilt. (The blue stripes and checks are from the tablecloth.) I hadn't actually been planning a blue and yellow quilt...

but now I am!
Since I had placed a "kitty bait pile" on the floor, I soon had some company. This is Mooch. He is about 6 months old and we got him when a stray had kittens in my mom's garage. He seems to like fabric as much as I do, so he must have been destined to find his way into a quilter's home.

You can see the cherries on the tablecloth in this picture. I am absolutely in love with one of the GORGEOUS quilts I saw made by Elizabeth over at oh, fransson, so now I have my first fruit fabric! I am not sure how people put the link in the word (hiding it?), but her FAQ's says she appreciates links back to her posts so here it is:

Can you believe how lucky I was? I never find fabric like this when I'm thrifting. It was like an early Christmas present. I keep taking the blue and yellow ones out and gloating over the pile.


  1. Your fabrics are so WONDERFUL!!! And that is quite the kitty bait pile you have there .. very sweet photo and so nice to find your blog.

  2. This is an awesome find! It's so wonderful to find these pre-loved fabrics to make new things that can be loved! Love the kitty and love the cherries!
    PS At this rate your little stash cabinet will need a friend!

  3. Yes, at the rate I'm going, I am going to need another stash cabinet. Although, I have to confess, the cabinet does not show ALL my fabric- I also have, er, (looks around guiltily) a FEW Rubbermaid totes full of bigger pieces for backs and some non-quilting fabrics.
    (like four.)
    (or five.)
    (plus a couple paper bags.)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Here's how to insert your link in the text.

    Type in the words you want to use as the link, such as "oh frannson blog". Then highlight these with the mouse. While you are in the post editor click on the little green chain thing, and it will let you paste in the http:// blah blah so that it doesn't appear on your post.

    Clear as mud? If you change your settings to enable us to email you directly it would be much easier.

    I can't reply directly to your comments, as you can to mine.

    Loz in Oz


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