Friday, December 26, 2008

More proof that I'm crazy

So when I saw this post, I was jealous. But not anymore! For Christmas I asked for gift certificates for fabric and that's exactly what I got. (I have awesome in-laws!) Today starts the inventory reduction sale at one of my local quilt shops- the one I can see from my upstairs window- so look what I got! (Can you tell I love anything moda?) Fat quarters are BOGO!!!! I have to go back. (I better make the house payment first, though...)

This is how tall it is:
It's as high as the seats on my chairs! Wow! That's some tall fabric! The kids and I think if I sewed it together it would cover the whole town. We'll have to see.
I am basically leaping around and grinning from ear to ear. I told Paul I love my new fabric so much I want to eat it (so it can be part of me). He told me I was crazy. I said, "Well, I am not the only one. I have new friends in blogland who like fabric as much as I do." He replied with: "Yeah, you're all crazy. You probably sit around with blenders trying to figure out how to eat fabric."
What a dingbat. Like anyone would put fabric in a blender. He's the crazy one.


  1. Yes....I saw that 'green glow' of envy coming from your part of blogland. For years I cried ,whined and told everyone..."you KNOW what you can give me for Christmas"....but no one ever listened...UNTIL this year!

    I re-folded all my fat quarters in the way I like them and stacked them up...LOL....I was laughing at your stack knowing that had stacked mine too!..Maybe we have started a new trend....'if your stack doesn't measure didn't get enough'..!!!!

  2. You are really going to have some fun there.

  3. What a wonderful addition to the family! You can see a quilt shop from your window!!! How can you sleep...
    Hmmm, we do have 'blended' quilts...

  4. I so bad I cant sleep when I know I am going fabric shopping the next day. At the year end sale at our local Quilt store My Daughter and I left laughing like Hyhenas.People must have thought we where insane but I got the new civil war fat quarters for $1 each when I would usually pay 2.50 each


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