Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm here!

I wanted to ask to join a quilt challenge and couldn't figure out how without a blog, so... here it is. Ta da! That was easy, now, wasn't it? Also, I have been saving a ton of cool blogs in my IE favorites and it's getting really full, so now I can link to them from here and make myself some room! (Sort of like "destashing" my favorites!)

I have recently discovered that there are a ton of wonderful crafty bloggers out there and I have gotten so much inspiration from them. Many thanks to all. After lurking around on here for a couple of weeks I want to throw away my whole stash and start over. Soooo many cool quilts. Wow. Now I want to start a bunch of new quilts, but first I have to read every post on every blog that mentions "fabric", "quilt" or "vintage". So that might take a while.

I reallyreallyreally like vintage fabric, well, ANY fabric, and love any vintage (or vintage-inspired) quilts or bags. I do like vintage clothes, but prefer to buy those. Making clothes is hard! (Ok, in all honesty, I prefer to buy and wear only pajama pants and/or steal my husband's.)

We are a cat-friendly household (we have 3 of them) and I often find myself saying "Git down kitty!" (I say "kitty" like Cartman on South Park does) so that's where I got the name for my blog. The kitties would quilt if they were tall enough to reach the foot pedal, and they enjoy changing up my designs. I lay quilt squares on the floor and the kitties immediately jump on them and start mixing them up. (Apparently I don't have "cat style".)


  1. My three cats like to help sew too. One of them prefers to squeeze herself up next to the flywheel on my machine. I'm not sure what her goal is.

  2. ROFL!!! I don't have cat style, either. Mine always rearranges things.


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