Monday, February 9, 2009

It's here! And I'm the luckiest girl on the Internet!

Look what came today!! Mooch thought I was taking too long!
(He was very interested in this, as was Brady. Well, Brady was just jealous.)
This box was amazing! You cannot imagine the stuff in here! It was like Christmas. This was the first time I have ever won anything on a giveaway and I will be ruined for all future giveaways! Yards and yards of fabric and lots of little goodies. Ok, feast your eyes!
First, some novelty fabrics- cool retro-ey bowling fabric
and a Wizard of Oz fat quarter.
Cute flannels. (I couldn't get a good pic of these for some reason.)
The CUTEST (Summer) quilt, some assembly required.
Look at the cherries! How did she know I love cherries?
Daydreams jellyroll and yardage!!!
(Can you believe someone GAVE this away??)
Another fun bright quilt to be assembled. (I have some polka dots that will go with this!)
Orange and blue batiky brights!
Some calorie free Chocolat! (The best kind in my opinion!)
I eye up this embossed leather-type fabric all the time and never splurge on it.
I'm seeing a purse here!
You all know how I stack my fabric up for pictures.
Not to disappoint:
I used the red and white stripe fabric for a "backdrop" for some of the little goodies:
Fun scissors. Brady is REALLY jealous over these. (I may share.)
A pretty praying Willow angel:
Yarns and ribbons:
Cute buttons and "jewels":
The most darling polka-dot zippered bag full of fun pencils:
A pretty card and a pencil that took me way back! Remember these?? I had these in school! The sections of lead pop out so you can change colors.
And this made me laugh! A set of Dominoes from the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE EVER!!
You'll have to check out this post from Summer Sadie's blog. Her husband loves this movie, and she does not. At our house we all love it, so we make sure to watch it every year. Her hubby got this leg lamp and she feels a bit like the mom in the movie about it! I generously offered to take it off her hands, but in the interest of marital peace, she declined, and sent these instead! I got the biggest kick out of them. Paul used to play so we are going to try a game tonight. Fun!
So here is the whole pile! Wow, am I a lucky girl! I am just beaming over here!
(And a certain 5 yr. old is glowering and being very envious.)
Oops! After I put everything back in the box, I found this little bit of eyelet ribbon:
Thank you so much Summer Sadie! You have really made my day! (Week!)


  1. Summer Sadie sure is stash busting! What a great bunch of fabrics. You are so totally obligated now to make fabulous things with it. Have fun enjoying someone else's 'old' fabric and bits!

  2. Holy smokes!!

    I, uh, gave you an award, but it kinda pales next to this.

  3. ...Cha-Ching.....JACKPOT!!!!..WOW, what a generous giveaway!

  4. Boy oh boy, did you ever make out!! Love everything you received!! F-U-N!! I am sure you will have a great time putting everything to good use. Enjoy.

  5. Wow! What a haul! Your are going to have so much fun w/ all that fabric. Oh, and those notions? Wow!!!
    Well done!

  6. Wow! Congratulations on a fun box of goodies! I would have trouble deciding what to start with.

  7. do you need help getting down off the ceiling? i know you must be on cloud 9!


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