Friday, February 6, 2009

Silly me, of course two kitties can fit in that box!

"Hey, my brother looks comfy in there."

"I can fit, too."

(wiggle, wiggle, wiggle)
"Move over, your head's in my butt!""Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

I thought this might remind Jackie of someone!

In quilting news, I am working on this fish quilt. It is going to be a gift for a friend. (I was going to say one of Paul's friends, but he is my friend, too!) He has a tattoo of this fish, so I am trying to incorporate it into his quilt. I tried a bunch of different ways of making the fish and finally settled on this giant version using iron-on adhesive and machine zigzag. It was very hard to work with it when it was smaller as the spiny points did not want to stay tacked down.
(I included a toddler in the picture to show how big it is.) It has teeth which I am going to embroider, and I will use some dark and bright green batiks and "guyish" fabric to make the blocks. This is my Project Improv quilt, so I will try to make some kind of block I have never done before, or maybe, no blocks- just use the fat quarters like they are. Still mulling over that one. I have never made a quilt using giant chunks of fabric, and this would be a cool one to try it on. Some of the batiks are so pretty and could definitely stand on their own.
I linked my big cherry quilt finish to Lit and Laundry's Finished for Friday. She hosts this each week so people can motivate themselves to get things done. Her blog always makes me laugh. She has a sharp wit (just like me! Ahahaha!) and I really enjoy all her posts.
My children have informed me that they are "hungry reery bad!" so happy sewing and I am off to dig through my empty cupboards. Does anyone want to go to the grocery store for me?


  1. Hi Lisa.....your comment email to me on my scarf came up 'dangerous', I'll come here to tell you I appreciate your visits and I linked everyone to come over here to see your cherry quilt...
    have a great weekend you!!!

  2. Love the box of kitties. I would stick my hands in there so I could squeeze them both.

    The fish is very striking. Can't wait to see how this turns out. I love working with batiks.

  3. Hah, a box of cats! You were so on the money. The first thought going through my head was my Rolo in a box/basket!! Cats are just great little, or in Rolo's case, big creatures.

    I love your fish and appreciate the toddler in the photo for perspective. Sorry, wish I could take you up on the grocery shopping, but I am trying to get my hubby to do that one for me. Have a terrific weekend!


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