Monday, February 9, 2009

WAITING!!! WAIITING!!!! WAITING!!!! (Not patiently.)

Did everyone get in on the big Stashbuster Giveaway last week, hosted by Katy? Well, I spent a large part of the day entering those contests and browsing blogs. (I was nice- if it was something I couldn't see myself using, I didn't enter and left more room for others. However, that did not leave many out!) My mom had come to visit and she and my husband were kind of laughing at me a little. WELL! I showed them! I won some fabric!

I was lucky too, because I won one of my "top" picks! I am anxiously awaiting this box from Summer Sadie! She loves estate sales and such as much as I do, and also has a pretty good sense of humor. I am thinking my prize will get here in the next couple days, and I am so excited.

Paul has given me a stern talking-to and I am no longer allowed to buy fabric for a while. He says a long time, but that's kind of like a while, right? And I figure that just means I can't buy yardage. Fat quarters are so small that they don't really even count. I guess this means I have to start winning more contests now! (Or- gasp!- even using some of what I have.)

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