Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like... something.

This is how my husband decorates for the holidays:
This is how my kids decorate for the holidays:

This is how I decorate for the holidays (I am proud of this because it was very CHEAP.) :
I got the shelf from the side of the road during city clean-up a couple years ago and gave it about 10 coats of white paint yesterday. (It was bright red.) Those pictures are my favorite ones EVER, and the rest of the stuff was all in the basement (or on the tree) so I didn't pay anything for this!
I have had these silver candlesticks for years and I keep re-using them- they look so cute with the ornaments in them.

We got a BUNCH of snow today- no school for Brady, no work for Paul, and no power for any of us for about 5 hours today. It's back on again and we appreciate it more than ever! I missed our heat, but more importantly the Christmas tree was off!


  1. Snow days are great! But no heat - yikes! Love your decorations...

  2. Martha Stewart might not love the decor but so what it's fun and personal and in yrs. to come will put a smile on you and your family's faces!! You probably are smiling now!!! Stay warm!!

  3. I love love LOVE the shelf and decorations! I have so many things from the side of the road lol! We would indeed have some fun together:)

  4. Okay, your hubby's decorating skills remind me of my dad's skills...very funny!!!


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