Thursday, December 31, 2009

Scrappy Goes to the Prom

WOOHOO! My big finish!! I am calling a quilt top a finish, because in my world, well, it is. I had an entire year to make this quilt and am skating in under deadline with a whole 2 hours to spare! (If you don't count the quilting and binding.) Nothing like getting it done early or something.

To keep my New Year's resolution for 2009, I have given this quilt a name: "Pink Tie Affair". I used some satin in the blocks and some fancy-dancy embellishments. I intend to add some more frou frou before I quilt it, but I have to actually buy more sparkly beads as I don't have any more old bridesmaid dresses to rob. :0)

Here are some closeups of the embellishments I have added so far.

Some rick rack and pink satin:

This white ribbon came wrapped around the boys' new Christmas pajamas and Paul knew enough to save it for me. :0) Good man! He's learning!

Here is the same ribbon on black satin:

The center of this block has a mostly black fabric that read too dark, so I turned it around and am using it backwards. The roses show up much better this way.

Here is the fabric turned the "right" way. I cut apart a leather barrette and used the sections as flower appliques. I sewed on different-sized shiny pink buttons for centers.

This is my favorite block in the whole quilt. I found a book at St. Vincent de Paul with pictures of "antique" stencils that were supposed to be used to paint furniture or walls or what-have-you. I have been using it to make applique patterns. Some of them seem so modern and they are remakes of these really old patterns from colonial times. I have a feeling that book is going to get worn right out!

I am so glad I entered this challenge because I NEVER would have made this quilt on my own. But I love it. So thank you so much Jackie! I have learned a LOT and really enjoyed meeting some new bloggy friends. I actually had to go shopping for the black and white fabrics because I had NONE and that was a completely new experience. I had a hard time passing up all the colors to spend money on these plain colorless fabrics, but then I got this awesome, fun, pretty quilt and now I am a convert! I think I will be using a lot more black and white in my quilts in the future.


  1. This is a beautiful quilt!!

    Love the colors and trims you put together.

    Great job!!

    blessings in 2010

    barbara jean

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I count a quilt top as a finish. I absolutely love this one, and now I'm going to keep my eyes open for stencil books. I love the fabric that you turned over too - it worked perfectly.

    Wonderful quilt. Thanks so much for joining in and happy 2010!

  3. So pretty! I love all the embellishments! Nice job and congrats on the finish!!

  4. Wow! the squares have a very dramatic impact. I love the stencil and the flowers too!

    I followed you link from Finished for Friday:

  5. Hi Lisa, I'm back.

    Loved your story about the found bird nest, and the cardinal ornament on the tree.

    Thanks for coming by


    barbara jean

  6. I love the colors in this! It's gorgeous.

  7. It is beautiful. Now I want to do a black, white and pink quilt. I had no idea the colors would look so awesome together.

  8. Beautiful quilted items. I enjoy your blog a lot. Thank you for sharing.


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