Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey, Belinda, over here!

Belinda wrote a wonderful tutorial for these little stars today and I stopped what I was doing to make one. I have never worked with anything so tiny! What fun. I had to make narrow seams, which was odd for me, and I worry about them coming apart later, so I am going to play around with it and see if I can make bigger ones.
I sorted my scraps from the cherry quilt into red and green, so I see a Christmas quilt somewhere in my future.

Thanks for the tutorial, Belinda! She has been making these cute little stars for a while out of really bright fabrics and promised a tutorial on them a while back, so I have been waiting for it.

This freestyle sort of sewing is something I have not done and would like to explore. Jacquie has started Project Improv and we are going to encourage each other to quit outside the lines and make a couple charity quilts along the way. I think I will make a block for that now while I'm feeling so inspired! Thanks, guys!


  1. ....twirling...twirling.....doing the happy dance...clapping hands....!!
    Your little star is FAB!!! You just go get down with your bad self!!!

  2. They are great! Smaller blocks are definitely harder to work with. It requires much more precision.

  3. just found your blog (through jacquie's improv) and i LOVE your cherries quilt. so cute! and this looks like its going to be a great christmas quilt. can't wait to see it.

  4. I was going to try my hand at these stars this weekend too! They're so cute in her header.

    You did a great job! Someone once told me, whenever you make a sample block, make it with Christmas fabrics, so eventually you can put together a Christmas quilt.


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