Thursday, January 8, 2009

My first Improv square

Hmm, I knew I had aqua fabric. I had a lot of it leftover from this quilt. Oh, right. My sis wanted one like that so I gave her the whole box of leftovers. I did find one small piece of aqua gingham and some polka-dots, but it wasn't enough. So I did what anyone would do- I made some!

I dig in the scrap bag and come up with... frogs? Well, they're floating in aqua.
Now for some red:
(See that sticker on there? Yep, 25 cents, folks!)

Next I ironed on some fusible web and fussy cut some circles.

In this house, we have so much money that we use it for templates. I used this kind:

But I made one of the circles wrong- oops!

I had to use one of these moneys to fix it:

It sure is a good thing we have so much money around here.

Then I cut out the circles and ironed them on the red fabric.
Next I zig-zagged around each circle with matching thread. I use old magazine pages as a stabilizer. Don't you just love how this page has UNDERWEAR on it? I didn't realize til I saw it on here. Oh, well, at least it matches.Sort of blurry pic, but you can see my big and little circles.
I had one circle left over so I made a little flower out of it. The fabric will fray after washing and be all scrappy and cute!

Here is the finished block!

Now I want to make a whole bunch more. I wonder if I could make polka-dotted polka dots...?


  1. That is so cute I love red and aqua together.I am working on a doll quilt right now LOL I just have to put binding on it and Ill post it Friday night.

  2. Very cool improv block! Love it!

  3. I love your improv fabric! It's my fave fabric in your block :)

  4. I really like the colours on this. imagine in 20 years time, when it has been washed and faded with sunlight, how they will look. I was annoying my husband with this notion last night as he lay his head on my new floral pillowcases. Poor soul, I was going, but just think of a grandchild taking this out of a cupboard, and how well this will look when it's old and faded...blah x 3. He humoured me.

  5. GIRL.....ARE YOU CRAZY.....THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! love the colors

  6. i had to come see how you MADE your fabric. oh my goodness, you are an improv genius!!!!

  7. Great job on the tutoral and the block. Those are great colors.
    Take care.

  8. I would have never thought of making polka dots that way! thanks the for great idea. Love the block. I'm doing project improv, too. I haven't started yet, though.

  9. I love how you "made" your fabric for th improv! Awesome!

  10. Love the block and the color combo! I had to laugh, though- I have that frog fabric- in pink!

  11. What a cool block. I might have to copy that circle idea.

  12. Well I just had to come see your block after you mentioned it! I love it!!!


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