Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor pitiful me!

Sorry for the absence, but the flu has been running through our household. I think we are all done with that now. (I hope!)

Tomorrow I get to take a class at the local quilt store with my mom and my best friend. The class is on the drunkard's path pattern, and I still don't have fabric OR a pattern picked out. So today BFF and I have to go fabric shopping. I just feel so sorry for us. HAHA. (Actually, we are taking my pets [by that I mean children] so I do feel a little sorry for us... or the shopkeepers, anyway.)

Anybody who has a link to a cool Drunkard's Path, please send it or post it in the comments. I am in dire need of inspiration! Thanks in advance!


  1. How terrible you have to shop for fabric...LOL! I can't wait to see what you pick out!

  2. Sorry about the flu - and the forced fabric shopping!

    I think my favorite drunkards path was a simple red and white one.

    I also love the various layouts people use - like concentric rings that you can make, and quiggly stars.

    I'm not a big curve-piecer, so I admire other people who do it.

  3. Hope you feel better soon!!! The flu just plain sucks!


    I think the red and white is so pretty with that pattern.


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