Sunday, January 25, 2009

These are the funnest things I ever made. Funnest. Things. Ever. (Except maybe for cupcakes.)(If I didn't cook them.)(Raw cupcakes are hard to beat.)

Ok, these things are like candy. They even LOOK like candy. I'm going to be making big candy circle wheel thingys for a while. I was only going to make nine, but now I think I will make a hundred million forty-seven eighty-thirteen thousand billlion of them. Thanks for the inspiration, Jackie!!

You remember those quilt store gift certificates I got? Yeah, they're gone. I blew the whole wad the next day. (Ain't no grass gonna grow under MY feet!)
(You never know, the quilt store could burn down or something.)
(Or, in a really bizarre twist, I could LOSE the gift certificates.)
(I never lose things. Ever. Except for the other day. And that one other time. And... never mind.)
The ladies at the quilt store laughed at me when I walked in and they said, "Happy birthday! Your husband said you'd be here today." Does my man know me, or what?
(Or maybe I'm just that predictable... nah!)
I got 20 quarter or half yards of ridiculously bright and cheery prints so I could make my "wheelies". Here's some of what's left in the box.
I gotta tell ya, lately, it's been pretty cheerful at our house. If you buy enough crazy bright fabric, you don't even notice that it's a hundred million forty-seven eighty-thirteen thousand degrees below zero outside.


  1. These circles are fantastic! I love the fabrics and the sheer joy they inspire. So much fun! I can see the big grin from here. Love it. And the frog! What with that? Too funny.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I am so glad that you are having fun with the wheels! You have done a fantastic job. I love each and every one. I love the new fabric you purchased. I can just see the wheels made up in those too.

  3. This is so funny. Can't wait to see a bajillion of them all together.

    Isn't it fun to get a new addiction? I remember my yo-yo fever of 2006. It required intervention.

  4. Great to be surrounded by those lovely fabrics and ... candies (O:

  5. OH ME OH MY..!!!! LOVE THESE....i wanna...yes, i wanna have some wild and ' ' em'........oh, and did i say i love em'...!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Lisa--

    Thanks so much for checking in at the blog and leaving a note! Your blog is so much fun to read! Please tell your husband that I said you don't have NEARLY enough fabric!!

    I LOVE those Wheel blocks, too! How fun is that?!

    Thanks again and please keep in touch---

  7. The wheelies are great! I like the purple and green one from Friday the best, though! Happy Birthday!

  8. I love your circles. The fabrics are great too. You've inspired me to take action with some FQs I just had to have but don't know what to do with. Love the frog too. I think I got a little carried away feeding him. Too funny!

  9. I forgot to ask: are you participating in the Improv Project? That place fascinates me. I want to try something. It's finding the time that is the problem.

  10. I absolutely love your colorful wheelies..... You know, if hadn't used your certificate immediately, it would have started to fade away....yea, that's it, just fade away....LOL........Take care.

  11. i don't know about raw cupcakes but these are so cool! very fun and vibrant. they definitely look like fun to make.

  12. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog today and put in a link. Love your blog. Happy Quilting.


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