Monday, October 4, 2010

Before/After Project- Dining Room Chairs

I have been on a mission lately- Our furniture is in pretty poor shape. It's not old, but in our house furniture ages in dog years. So it all needed a makeover. Here are the dining room chairs. We do have six, so two more will be coming, but at this point those two are functioning as sawhorses for the living room baseboard trim which I am painting. (BTW- painting all the trim in the entire house is a job for crazy people. It's never-ending.)

After (The red is my fav. I think.)

I know some people think the mismatched chair ship has sailed, but I don't care. I like it! I did do something since the pictures that makes me cringe a bit, but was necessary. I put Old Lady Sofa Protector Plastic on the seats. It sticks to your legs in the summer and doesn't look the nicest, but if you saw the state of the fabric I took off these chairs... well, you'd probably gag a little. So until the boys are older, we will have tacky plastic seat covers on our chairs.

I used spray paint and was very pleasantly surprised at the color options available. I especially love the apple green color. This paint is Rustoleum brand and it's the 2x coverage one. It really did cover very well. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. The fabric was free from an aunt who gets scraps at her job. LUCKY ME!!!


  1. What's not to love about free?

    I'm not from the different coloured chairs ship has sailed camp. I seriously considered it for our dining room makeover. I like yours. A lot. Cant wait to see what colour you do the table.

    You're right something weird is going on because I have 4 colonial chairs out the back waiting for me to paint them. And I have a half stripped table that needs my attention. And that desk half done. Wanna get together and coordinate our next project?

  2. You know my thoughts on those chairs! So, cool!

    Got any tips for painting baseboards? I'm going to be doing mine in the basement this week...


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