Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to make felted chair pads- you know, the kind you put on the bottom of the legs of your chairs so they don't scratch your floor?

1. Get cat(s).
2. Don't clean the bottoms of your chair legs. Ever. You can clean the top of the chair, but don't flip them over and clean the bottoms.
3. Voila! Felted chair pads.

(The number of cats you have will directly affect the amount of time needed for proper felting.)


  1. Great household tip!

    I'm off to borrow a couple of extra cats. I dont think two of my own is enough...

  2. I totally KNOW this! Especially when we were moving, and the guys wanted to wipe the bottoms off - I was like NOOOOOOOO!!!!! that was 4 years in the making! LOL! Lab hair mixed with cat hair is good too.


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