Monday, October 18, 2010

In the works

Please excuse the crazy glare. When I started blogging I thought my photography skills might improve as my quilting skills did, but it turns out you have to actually work at things in order to get better at them.

This is for a set of bags I am making for a friend. I have an order!! I am sort of easing my way into making this sewing thing a possible money-making gig. My friend owns a business and wants to give her employees each a custom bag for a Christmas gift. (Awesome boss, right?) I took her business card design and tweaked it up quite a bit and came up with this, which is something I think I can applique with a modest degree of success. Now I just have to incorporate it into a bag design. Oh, yeah, and make 7 lined reversible bags... with pockets... and maybe zippers? Nothing like jumping in with both feet!


  1. I felt sick at "zippers" .

    I have a question and a comment.

    My question is : Are you freaking insane lady ...7 bags ? Did I ever tell you I cant make bags? My handles disappear when I turn the bag right side out. I dont know where they go , but it happens on every bag I make. I now have bag-o-phobia.

    My comment is that your applique outline looks totally gorgeous and I am 100% confident you can pull this off.

    And if you feel frustrated at 3 am and want to sound off you can email me because it'll be 5 pm here the next day and I'll be awake.

  2. What an task you have ahead of you. They will be awesome!

  3. that is so cool! I've been toying around with trying to make some cash-ola as well...maybe making polar fleece hats, I've got a super cute pattern and some fun ideas for making them really unique. hope it goes well!

  4. Love your design. Hope you'll show us the finished project.

  5. Great design! I can totally see that design in reverse applique - since I'm not so hot (yet) at regular applique! Thanks for the inspiration!


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