Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, Virginia, you CAN spray paint your clothes.

 The boys wanted to be Mario and Luigi for a Halloween party last weekend. 
(Actually, I think they would like to be Mario and Luigi most of the time.)
Well, boys, ask and ye shall receive.
These were super-easy and cheap. I hit a few thrift stores and found some overalls which were very faded and run down. I simply laid them in the driveway and spray-painted them bright blue. The hats I was pretty lucky with. The red one was from Goodwill and I just had to spray the brim red, and the other one was originally blue and I spray-painted the whole thing green. It didn't cover very well so I used the leftover felt from the letters and glued it on the hat. The white circles are quilt batting and the letters are cut from felt and I just glued them all on. No sewing here- just lots of spray paint and glue.
It looks like I missed a spot here, but I think he just had the straps flipped around.
Don't they look awesome? Of course they do. 
And they weren't excited at all as you can see.

I had to dress up for the party, too, so of course I was a KITTEH! This is because I was able to make my entire costume in about 4 minutes. So the funny part...:
 I inadvertently used a regular black marker instead of the erasable one. We all had mustaches or whiskers for a couple days. Paul laughed and laughed and laughed. And then every once in a while he meowed at me.
These are my crappy old safety glasses because OUR 6 MONTH OLD (MUTT) PUPPY ATE MY GLASSES. Like, literally ate the glass. There were a few tiny bits of shattered glass left along with a very mangled frame. You'd think that would make her sick, but, no, she was fine. Must be the lab in her.
The boys had to dress up today for another event and they both insisted they would NOT have mustaches. 
I promised if we used eyeliner it would come off, but they don't trust me anymore.


  1. Great costumes. I'm with Paul...I would have been LMAO at you!

  2. Lisa you are sooo clever!! Who would ever think of spray painting!! I know I owe you a letter and pictures. Got the pictures taken but not uploaded yet. The 101 Quilt Blocks arrived, but I am still grateful for the templates, and a budding friendship. Buzzzeee making fleece items for the homeless and now some kids/baby tie blankies. In a hurry to get them done with the cold weather coming on fast. Take good care!
    Cathy (p.s. I am anonymous because I can't figure out the other options LOL )

  3. Your boys look freaking awesome. How clever are you!

    It's nice to see you finally even if you do look like a kitty! And only you could use permanent marker by mistake.


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