Saturday, December 18, 2010

Conversations from a Fierce Jungle Cat

"I am a Fierce Jungle Cat! I must HUNT my prey- the lowly thread.. I mean STRINGSNAKE!"

"HA! Gotcha!"

"And you thought you could escape by slithering down here... There is no escape! I will BITE you!"


"I will pull it out of the machine and BITE it and EAT it. I must protect my Human! The Stringsnake could hurt her!"

("Look close- you can see my tongue sticking out.")

("This is what I am trying to stop from being finished.")
("Drat! She managed to get this far. I must step up my efforts.")


  1. I am laughing my buns off. Great story and super super hero kitty!!!!

  2. OMG A talking cat!

    Actually I think your kitty wants to learn how to sew. You have to watch those string snakes. We have them here and they're highly poisonous.

    Okay onto my questions. Is the fabric in your sig zag quilt a line or different bits you collected? If it's a line what is it because I love it. I also love the quilt top. Looks utterly fabulous. Why didnt I think of doing something like that ?

  3. ZIG zag...duh. Im blaming a lack of coffee.

  4. What a very clever talking cat. I have one who just likes to sit/lie on what ever I'm working on.


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