Sunday, December 5, 2010

Conversations from Sunday School

Miss T: "So, because Solomon asked God for wisdom, what else did God give him?"

Brady: "Lots of stuff."

Lukey: "Santa gives lots of presents.

Miss T: "Ok, but we're talking about what God gave Solomon."

Lukey: "They're a lot alike." 

V(Another student): "Not really."

Lukey: "I guess you're right. Santa's a little fatter." (holds up thumb and finger about an inch apart)

Because I went ahead and ordered a new camera Paul found the missing one. And I must confess: I am the culprit. I had put it in a box of sequins (??? I'm blaming it on the codeine) and set it up high on a shelf in my sewing room. I have no recollection of doing this, but the aviator and the cowboy could not have reached the shelf without extreme measures. Their mother must have done it... and yes, I apologized. In my defense there are a LOT of pictures of Legos on the the camera so I was NOT the last one to use it. I probably would only have taken maybe 5 pictures of Legos. Or none.

 However, I took the opportunity to upgrade my camera so when I get it I will probably be posting much better pictures. We can hope. And now there is a camera for ME, and a camera for the REST OF THE FAMILY. So no one can blame anyone else for taking theirs. Although I imagine I will still be expected to keep track of both of them. 

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