Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've been tagged. And I'm only doing half of it because I'm just that way.

One of the most amusing blogs that I read is Quilting in my Pyjamas. We regularly exchange hysterically funny emails, mostly about the things in my couch. Someday one or the other of us should publish some of them as a series of blog posts. Although maybe no one else would get it...

So anyway, I've been tagged by Shay, which is cool and all and I got some new readers- HI!- but I don't tag people back because some people don't like it and I feel like it puts them on the spot. I am just going to answer the questions and if anyone who stops by wants to play along, feel free.

The "award" is the "Cherry on Top" award and you are supposed to write about 3 things you love, beside fabric, obviously, because that would be... well, obvious. I love:

2. Cats
3. Fiber optic things- like Christmas trees (preferably with fiber optic angels on the tops) or pictures with moving water (and sound!) or those flower lamps that you always see at thrift stores or really ANY thing that glows and changes color.

I think the reasons that I love this stuff do not even need to be articulated. Of these things, sadly, I only own three (or four if you count the cats separately). I don't count the rainbow because you really can't OWN that. I do consider that I own my cats, although they might think otherwise. As far as fiber optic things, I have a Christmas tree and an angel. I really need one of those flower lamps so I can enjoy the beauty all year.

Can you imagine a fiber optic rainbow colored cat??? It would be as beautiful as a gold unicorn or a fat baby. But probably an unbearable snob.

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  1. Yep there's somthing magical about rainbows.

    (And unicorns)

    I dont own a single fibre optic thing you still want to be my friend?


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