Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Would you like some cheese with that?

I have been sewing a fair amount lately but I have no pictures because, according to one son, 

or, according to the other son, 

was taking pictures with my camera and now, well, it's nowhere to be found. Most of what I have been doing is finishing up ancient WIPS and working on the bag order (which is due next week). It's not very much fun anymore. No more custom orders for me. Turns out I don't like doing the same thing over and over.

I have been miserable lately (I have pneumonia- YUCK!) and what time wasn't spent sewing or sleeping was spent laying on my couch reading. I even made a permanent dent in the cushions. They are about an inch and a half thick now where I parked my caboose. This makes my butt hurt, but not enough to actually get up. Or even move to the other end. 

Of course, being an inconsiderate wife I timed this illness with beer- oops, I mean DEER- season and got zero help from my offspring's "FATHER" "FIGURE" (HEAVY sarcasm- note the caps, italics and quotation marks). I DID get a lot of help from my mom, sister and mother-in-law, so at least the women in my family rock. My mother-in-law kept the kids on Thanksgiving so I slept all day and had frozen pizza for supper. Poor me. Sigh.

So what else can I whine about...? Oh, I'll just quit now. I'm tired from typing. I should take a nap. Maybe I will think of something else to complain about later and find the energy to write a paragraph or two about it.

In the meantime everyone should leave fawning comments telling me how bad they feel for me and what jerks men can be. Probably won't be too hard to come up with something since I'm sure you've met one or two and they're all idiots.


  1. I'm sorry but those two cute faces couldnt possibly be guilty of misplacing a camera. Did you check in the indentations of your couch or under the cushions? I think you'll find it next to the lolly wrappers and loose change.

    I was married to an idiot jerk once. For about 3 years. Then I upgraded to a super idiot. Im too tired and old to do anything about my second mistake.

    Im planning some ancestral WIP's. Theyre the ones you hand down to your children or grandchildren when you die.

    I really hope you feel better soon...I hear pizza is a miracle food for pneumonia so you're doing all you can for your health.

  2. looks like the culprits are either flying away or horsing around! btw i hear coke is a cure all and it goes with the pizza, and you can put rum/jim beam/ whatever you like thats alcoholic with it, all medicinal of course!


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