Thursday, December 23, 2010

Conversations from little kids

Brady: (storming out of bedroom) "I am not playing anymore if you're going to be invisible!"
Luke: (coming out also) "I don't want to be invisible!"
Olivia: (From bedroom-????) :"How about we ALL be invisible?"
Brady: "No!!! How can we play if we can't see each other?"
Luke: "We could all be invisible."
Olivia: "How about we can only be invisible 10 times?"
Luke: "We can all be invisible 10 times."
Brady: (very upset) "NO!!! I'M NOT PLAYING!!"
Olivia: "How about we can each be invisible ONE time?"
Brady: "You're invisible NOW."
Luke: "No one should be invisible."
Brady: "I'm not playing."
Me: "I have to go downstairs."

I think I'll let them work this one out on their own. I can't see them anyway.


  1. lol..but surely it would be better if you couldnt hear them?

  2. Oh dear...if it makes you feel any better....51 years ago my brother and I had a simular conversation.....LOL......really!


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